Caleb Ely

Web Developer


Because I am very detail-oriented and technical-minded, I constantly seek out well-designed code architecture and efficient coding techniques.


I have been programming since 2013, gaining experience in Python, JavaScript, and PHP. I also contribute to open-source software and open-source much of my own work.


Primarily self-taught with an Associate's degree in Web development, I am always open to learning new skills and sharpening my abilities.

About Me

I am a Web developer and all-around technology fan harkening from Georgia, USA.

In late 2012 I was introduced to the magical world of programming, and by January 2013 I began teaching myself Python programming. That September I enrolled at Southeastern Technical College and obtained my Associate's degree in website development. Because of my programming abilities, I have been called a living Python and JavaScript reference guide!

I am a strong supporter of open-source software (OSS). Some of the best software currently available is OSS software. That is why I both contribute to OSS and release most of my own work GitHub.

I am currently accepting freelance work, so if you like what you see, you can hire me!

Hire Me!

That is right, I can be hired! If you are looking for a front-end developer who works from home and can write extraordinary code, then I am the guy for you!

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