My name is Caleb Ely, a programmer and Web developer with over 4 years of experience, full of enthusiam and energy, and ready to tackle your next Web project! With experience in Python, JavaScript, PHP, and HTML/CSS/SCSS and over 40 individually published, open source projects, I am the developer you are looking for!

I am a very detail-oriented and technical-minded person, constantly seeking out helpful, beneficial, and efficient coding techniques. Because of my knowledge, capabilities, and eagerness to expand my skillset, I have been called a programming reference guide! In fact, this custom website is an example of my work!

I have a blog where I write about Website design, development, and general technology. A supporter of open source software, I believe some of the best software available is open source. That is why I actively use and contribute to open source projects as well as open source most of my work.

As far as my educational history, I am a 2015 honor graduate of Southeastern Technical College, earning an Associates of Applied Science in Website Development. I am currently enrolled at East Georgia State College completing classes for a Bachelor's degree.